Company Introduction

AST was founded in 2002. The core technologies are “high-precision E-beam evaporator equipment, high-density plasma etching equipment, and photoresist coating and developing equipment.” We are currently focusing on LED related and power semiconductor component customers and we will investment in semiconductor device development in future.

AST has more than 15 years of operating experience in Taiwan. We can not only provide professional equipment and related process technology services but also customized equipment development according to customer's special needs in the production process of Si-compounds semiconductors or active and passive components. At the same time, we have established strategic alliances with ITRI, NCTU and NTHU to enhance the depth and breadth of R&D.

AST combined domestic and foreign vacuum semiconductor equipment, automatic process applications and other elite teams in different fields by the strategy of building a self-brand. With high efficiency, high yield and high system integration capabilities, we provide customers with one-stop shopping service. Also, we cooperated with Hermes-Epitek, the equipment agency, over ten years. Service bases are located in Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and China. We are actively developing new equipment and new applications, and we will continue to strengthen our services and provide our customers with top-notch equipment and services.