Business Philosophy


AST is oriented to solve customers' problems in process, equipment, and technology. We pursue lower customers' cost and strictly request our quality. Our equipment must be sure to operate at the first time and keep running for 24 hours. Therefore, AST's mindset of every product we shipped is as same as our "married daughter", we'll make a lifelong promise with our customers.



Besides, because that equipment of semiconductor process is very complicated and precision, foreign equipment suppliers are often not easy to cooperate with customers to modify their equipment. Also, they may spent a lot of time and money for repairing, it seriously affect production efficiency and cost. Therefore, AST firmly believes that "service first, customer foremost". We have geo-advantage to provide better after-sales service and quick repair service that make sure a good utilization rate of customers' process equipment.


In addition to providing customers with integration services of the most superior process and equipment, AST has a forward-looking and competitive business philosophy.


(1)Customers always come first
(2)Adhere to the consistent of professional quality and strategy.
(3)Continuing to integrate prducts' improvement and innovation.
(4)High customer satisfaction in pursuit of integrity.


AST's Philosophy

(1) Customer Satisfaction: Looking for long-term partnership and adhering to good faith principle. Once promised, we will be fully implemented.
(2) Technical service: Perfect after-sales service programs, providing perfect and punctual technical support with the spirit of customer priority.
(3) Professional quality: Adhering to the consistent quality strategy, we provide excellent products and enhance customers’ competitiveness.
(4) Product innovation: Continuous improvement of process and equipment, putting emphasis on innovation, and actively focusing on new technology research.